A small device about the size of a portable disc player sits on a small tripod
Continuous Radon Monitor on Tripod

Radon Testing

We perform Radon testing using a continuous radon monitor. This method is the most accurate testing available for real estate testing, where time is of the essence. The devices are unobtrusive and record a variety of parameters over at least 48 hours. The sensor suite includes a motion tamper switch, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, ensuring reliable measurements without fear of disturbance. The results can be read as soon as the test period is complete and will be included in your inspection report. For most homes with the lowest level under 2000 square feet, the cost is $125 if performed in conjunction with a home inspection.

Pest Inspections

We can coordinate with a licensed pest control company so they can inspect the subject property for an additional cost of $80. Their findings will be incorporated into the inspection report.

Two round plastic risers approximately two feet in diameter are installed in the lawn area to provide access to the septic tank

Septic System Inspections

We work with local, licensed septic inspection companies to have them come out and check the system, including the main tank and pump tank as well as the drain field. We can coordinate the inspection and meet them on site at the inspection to take one more stressful item off your plate. A typical system inspection is $350.