We inspect a wide range of homes throughout the area in accordance with the standards and practices of the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board. You can find the Standards and other regulatory information at the link below. Our inspections are done using various test equipment, a tablet and software to ensure a detailed report, speedy turnaround and easy readability with highlighted photographs of key findings. Pricing is based on the finished square footage of the home and we can include additional services listed below if desired.



We perform Radon testing using a continuous radon monitor. This method is the most accurate testing available and records a variety of parameters over at least 48 hours and includes a motion tamper switch, assuring reliable measurements. Results can be read as soon as the test period is complete and will be included in your inspection report. Cost is $150 if performed in conjunction with a home inspection.

Pest Inspections

We can coordinate with a qualified pest control company so they can inspect the subject property for an additional cost of $150. Their findings will be incorporated into the inspection report.


Public Employee Discount

If you are government employee such as military, first responders, municipal/state employees and teachers, enjoy $25 off our services as a thanks.